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UPMLA Monthly Black Powder Shoots for 2021
in cooperation with the
Ottawa Sportsmen's Club

Information Below has been updated (21 March 2021)

Open to:  Any safe shooter. (UPMLA membership is NOT required to participate.)

When:  Usually first Saturday of the month, January thru June.
  Dates for 2021:   Jan 9,   Feb 6,   Mar 6,   Apr 3,   May 1,   Jun 5.

   Note: The shoot scheduled for February 6 was canceled.

Schedule Changes:   The continuing covid-19 pandemic may result in modifications of the original 2021 schedule. Announcements about this will be posted on the home page of the UPMLA website as far in advance as possible. Contact the organizers (see below) with your questions about the shoot schedules and activities.

Where:  Ottawa Sportsmen's Club, Hiway M-38 about six miles west of Baraga, Michigan. See map below. (Link to Ottawa Club web site).

Time:  Registration begins 10:30 AM (Eastern time). Shooting begins at 11:00 AM.

Fees:  $3 for each participating shooter; non-shooters free. A donation of $3 per person is requested for lunch; see below.

Firearms:  Any traditional muzzle loader, sidehammer or underhammer, flint lock or percussion cap lock, rifled or smoothbored, loaded with patched round lead balls, using open sights. Peep and optical sights are generally not permissible. Contact organizer (see below) with any questions about what may be acceptable.

Course of fire:  There are usually 16-20 shots total. Most shots will require shooting from the off hand position, in which the upper arm may rest against the chest. Other positions, for example, seated on a stump, prone behind a log, etc., may be required for a particular target. Modifications of position may be permitted for shooters who are under 12 years of age or are handicapped.

Six shots will be taken at an outdoor paper target at 25-yards. Typically about six additional shots will be made outdoors at assorted metal silhouettes, gongs, or novelty objects placed from 5 to 100 yards ahead of the firing points. Some targets may be placed in the indoor range.

At some shoots for some targets, two- or three-person teams may be selected semi-randomly from the shooters that are present.

Awards:  Place Ribbons are awarded to high-scoring shooters for outdoor, indoor, and any special targets.

Range Facilities:  An outdoor covered range helps to keep some of the snow or rain off the shooters.  An indoor range may provide some warmth on very cold days and is used when shooting at some of the paper targets.

Lunch:  Beginning with the shoot of April 3, we will begin again to offer a volunteer-prepared lunch after shooting.

Sponsorship:  The UPMLA sponsors the shoots held in February, and May. The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club and the UPMLA co-sponsor the shoots of January, March, April, and June. FUN:  Guaranteed.  Friendship provided at no additional charge.

For further information please contact:
  • Monthly Shoot Organizer: Lyle Hebert
      phone: 906-485-1326

  • UPMLA Secretary: Bob Keen
      email: rekeen@mtu.edu   phone: 906-523-4923

Location of 2021 Monthly Shoots [img:map21]
larger map image

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